Clash of Clans: Gem Generator

Now introducing the latest in iOS multitasking infiltration hacks; the Clash of Clans Gem Generator. In the game Clash of Clans, gems are a form of currency which is earned through achievements and bought using real money.

The cost of these gems are extremely expensive and are vital to the satisfaction to the gamer's needs.

Now, since our team at iGameCheatz has created a JavaScripting xJoQls tool which tricks the Clash of Clans server into thinking that you have purchased any number of gems from their in game store. This hack works for an infinite amount of times and is run from the comfort of your own computer.


1. Download the remote hacking device from the link below: (instructions for easy downloading from FileIce can be found from the menu strip bar 'How to Download'.)

NOTE: Virus scan can be found here:

2. Extract the 'Gem Generator.exe' file from 'Clash of Clans Gem Generator.rar'

3. Run 'Gem Generator.exe'.

4. Choose desired amount of gems to be added to your account.

5. Press 'Start'.

6. Turn on your iDevice and start up Clash of Clans.

7. Free gems!